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Colmant Cuvelier®

Veco Transmissions - Colmant Cuvelier was created in 1895. The company is a specialist in the manufacture of rubber, cast iron and steel power transmission products.In 1993 Veco Transmissions invents Dynam the Veco 'V' belt with predefined tension. These belts have a unique patented feature where belt has a built in tensioning guide to assist the installer in not over tightening the belts resulting in medium to long term damage to items such as the bearings. 

VECO EVOLUTION was born from the alchemy that only close cooperation between our engineers and the most demanding end-users can generate.

Power transmission increased by up to 50%

Increased Lifespan

Facilitated Set-up thanks to DYNAM and thanks to the unique stabilisation Process

Optimal tension obtained from the first setting allows for "MAINTENANCE FREE" utilisation

Features Include

DYNAMO SYSTEM - Facilitated set-up - optimised set-up times

Optimal Tension Maintained - No further adjustment required

"ST" stabilisation process - Significant reduction of length tolerances: (ISO4184, din7753). No need for belts sorting or coupling

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